Beauty is overrated.
You gotta learn to love your body with its scars and tiger stripes.
Its orange skin and beautiful hair.
Can't you see that you shine with your own light?
You're pure gold baby.
The beauty of the world it's nothing compared to your beauty.
I see unique beauty flourish in your insides and your outsides.
There are constellations in your body that makes you even more desirable.
How can someone not appreciate your beauty, darling?
They're blind, from all the lies of the society telling them skeletons are more pretty.
You're perfect just the way you are.
Don't starve yourself, darling.
Let the world starve itself from your beauty.


Stars in your eyes, hands in the sky What a blissful night, don't you think? I see colors in the stars, colors i've never seen before. The sky full of stars resembles your heart. I watch the sunrise and i feel complete. Everytime i see the moon my heart skips a beat. Dancing around the stars, letting my heart go wild. For the first time i feel free. I reach the sky with my hands, trying to touch the stars, but my hands are small; unreachable to the sky. My mind wanders through the sea, trying to find answers to my questions. I see colors in the sky, bright colors and they look just like your soul, darling. My soul is on fire in this moment,  as i feel your touch on my skin. When i look into your eyes, i see flames burning me until i turn into ashes. Stars are beautiful creatures. They remain constant in the sky shining like no one else does. In my heart i feel something burning me,  forcing me to express myself in ways i didn't know i could. The sunrise is meant for posit…

When The Night Falls

Being here i realize i'm stucked, stucked between thousand stars.  My heart tells me to stay but my mind tells me to move on. I touch the star and i see myself in it, fragile and small but shiny and bright. I stay in this place, expressing my feelings, my thoughts to the quiet night that patiently listens. The night is my loyal partner It sees me as i truly am. The night has secrets and so do i. I dance along with the wind while the moon watches me. My mask is indecipherable, it hides secrets that no one can know. Dance with me, in the starry night. It's all a secret. The eyes of the night are as blue as the sea.  Tell me to star with you under the starry night, let's watch the moon shine. When the night falls i transform myself. The truth untold of you and me, we can't scape from our past, the secrets that we hide everything is so unfair. But at least we got each other. I wish i could go back and fix my mistakes but life doesn't give second chances to people like…

My Story

Well, i really don't know how to start this so i'm just going to start by writing about me and my story. My name is Sofìa and i'm 17 years old. My life was good (the most part of it) until high school; I was never one of those skinny and social girls, i was the quiet, open-minded one. People started to bully me for my weight and for the way i thought. Those were the most difficult years of my life. Thanks to that i developed something called "borderline disorder" that is a mental disorder. It's basically about emotions, having intense emotions and not being able to control them. Since that, everything changed. I changed school but the memory of what they did to me it was always there. And that is when the disease showed up. It was horrible... Screaming, crying, breaking stuff and then... I tried to kill myself for the first time. It was the saddest moment of my life. I will never forget that day. It still seems like yesterday. I lied to my dad, i locked myse…


She is scared of the world but she doesn't the world it's her own. Everytime she cries the skies sing a sad melody. everytime she smiles the skies dance a sweet melody. The stars in her eyes tell the most beautiful stories She's brave  She's smart She's pure fire in a world full of coldness. She's sharpness in a world full of softness She's a flower full of colors, she's the rain and the stars. She thinks she is alone in this world but she's not. Her heart is full of letters, music and passion. Take her where she wants to be. Make her feel loved. She is pure She is radiant She is she.


I take in the colors that i’m seeing, the clouds that are moving, The view that takes away my breath. I can’t describe what i’m feeling  All i know is that that only the sunset can make me feel this way. I feel so alive right here, right now As i watch such a magical and enigmatic view. The sunset dances in front my eyes, delighting me Wrapping me up in its arms Leaving me totally in love. My hands try to touch and steal a little bit of the beautiful sky But it’s impossible. Beauty cannot be kept. I never want to stop feeling like this. What it makes me feel is so intense it’s addictive. Look at the sky when the sunset is there and tell me you don’t feel the same Tell me you don’t try to reach the sky and feel the magic with your own hands And then feel like you will never be alone again. Oh, the sunset. So pure and enigmatic. So magical and powerful. So delightful. Keep in your arms and never let me go.


A tremendous sense of pure happiness relieves my soul. It's like one of those waves of warmness that bring you back to life. Back to who you were before things started to get blurry.  I needed, for a very long time, for my soul to feel such a vibrating feel. Catharsis of pure sentimentals feelings. You break out of your shell, to see that blinding ray of light. Warming, pure, passionate, livid. The warmthness of it surrounds you completely. It fills you entirely and happily. It let's you let out a sigh of relief. Of consciousness in a state of blurryness. Your face surfaces above the sky A livid sky that penetrates you leaving you out of breath. These feelings, they never apppear in a decent form. Or at least, in the form you expect them to come. Out of breath, you gather these emotions. You breath in these shapes, forms, colors and sights with an unexpected feeling of surprise. Certainly, actions express a lot more than words.  Crazy attacks of breaking out of yourself  You …